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11 Apt Jobs For People Who Do Not Like Using Their Brians

Recognizing and understanding our unique strengths and limitations empowers us to leverage our abilities effectively and navigate our challenges successfully.

Once you have identified your potential, you can choose a suitable career field based on that. A user took it to the forum, and asked “What is a good job for someone who is really dumb?”. Here are the top responses.


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“I dated a guy that acknowledged his limits. He drove a county transportation bus for the handicapped and loved his job.

He would decorate the bus for holidays and kept sugar-free mints for treats. Very kind person!”, said one user.


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“When I drove a garbage truck I had a helper who’d pop out to do the lifting. Started at about $80,000/year with the $10,000 signing bonus.”, said one user.


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“Actually, the post office is a good career choice. I see signs that they are hiring. Good pay and benefits.”, said one user.


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“It’s my field but I find “playing dumb” is essential. Being dumb is even better.”, said one user.


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“Plenty of factory, assembly line type jobs where you do simple, repeatable tasks.”, said one user.



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“Construction, roofing, garbage, please no one take offense to this.”, said one user. 


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“Go Air Force or Coast Guard. It’s not as bad as you’re thinking, and there are a lot of great career options. Basic Training sounds like hell from the outside world but it’s honestly a great environment and very motivating.

The MTIs will yell and make you follow orders, but they will also yell at 50 other people and say the same things to them (usually much worse). It leaves you with a sense of accomplishment and excellent benefits as long as you keep your nose clean while you’re in.

If you’re interested in a simple and easy job while you’re in, just go for the Services Job Code. The only things I saw them do in my branch were hand out basketballs at the gym, time PT tests, work in the cafeterias, etc.

My Job Code was a strict one and it was littered with “lazy, stupid” people who eventually learned to thrive with proper guidance. They take things very slow training-wise and you will learn at a slow pace that you essentially master every task provided.

If you’re not ready for the next big leap, they will acknowledge that and hold you back to prevent something crazy from happening.”, said one user.



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“Public transit. Generally unionized with paid training.”, said one user.


Young Security Guard Standing In Front Of The Glass Door Entrance

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“All you need to know is how to show up, stay awake, and occasionally call the police. Super simple.

And there are tons of security jobs, to the point where you can literally just sign up at a temp agency and be handed work.”, said one user.


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“Join Amazon as a full-time employee.

After a few weeks you become eligible for career choice, take advantage of this and have them pay for you to get your CDL or for training to become part of the maintenance team. They even offer school for stuff like IT.”, said one user.


Novi, Michigan, USA - AUGUST 8, 2021: Walmart sign at store exterior. Walmart is an American large retail corporation operates discount stores across the world.

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“Go apply to Walmart. Easy work, good pay.”, said one user.

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