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10 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills This Summer

A netizen recently asked, what are you doing to save electricity right now?

OP says, “To prevent blackouts, how are you saving electricity? For me, it’s lights out, candles in. Devices unplugged. Switched from A/C to fans. Trying to make it fun for the kids in the family by pretending it’s camping.”

We’ve compiled the top 8 responses for you below: 

Use Exactly What I Need

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“I try to just be reasonably efficient, like if I don’t use it, turn it off, but it’s not like a light is draining that much energy, especially LEDs. I wouldn’t go to that extreme only because it’s not worth the squeeze. All you gotta do is only use exactly what you need and no more than that. Be mindful, not obsessive.” 

Invested In A Solar + Battery System

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“I’m doing nothing. I just invested in a solar + battery system. Plenty of my power is being sent back into the grid.” 

I Set My Appliances To Do Nothing During The Peak Hours Of My TOU Rate 

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“I’m on a TOU rate with a 4-9p peak already, so I already set my appliances, A/C, and EV charger to do nothing during those hours. Also helps that I’m usually out running errands around that time, but since my place is relatively new it doesn’t warm up much on the inside.”

House Closed Up, AC Set To “Eco”, And Some Sensor Lights 


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“We keep the house closed up and set the ac to “Eco” most of the day. We have cute little sensor lights all over the house, so we rarely have to turn on lights.” 

Not Driving My Electric Car And Not Using AC

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“Not driving my electric car. Biking 15 miles to work and back. No a/c just one fan to cool the house. I’m gonna use my iPad though. My non-negotiable.”

Try To Unplug As Many Things I Don’t Use As I Can

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“So far it’s just trying to unplug as many things I don’t use as I can, which is hard for me because my whole life depends on music, PC and gaming. But I feel it is a good excuse to clean my room and go through the devices I really don’t need 24/7.

Just today as I was unplugging my Wii U and found an outlet right behind it that I completely forgot was there.” 

Programmable Thermostat

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“A programmable thermostat can help you save energy by automatically adjusting the temperature of your home when you’re asleep or away.”

Getting My House Insulated

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“Getting my house properly insulated helps keep the house cool and warm”

Open Windows At Night

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“This will help cool your home down before you go to bed.”

Lot Of Stuff

5. hapy wih money

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“Only having my bedroom cooled (via window AC) instead of trying to cool the entire (poorly insulated) house for starters. Used aluminum foil in the window to black out the bedroom as well. 

Been using the laptop for most things if I don’t need my desktop for it. Current integrated graphics are surprisingly competent, and if a game is not overly demanding, I’d rather run it on my much more efficient device. 

I’ve LED bulbs everywhere, the two bulbs in my bedroom using a mere 8 watts combined.” 

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