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10 Qualities In Women That Scream “Green Flag”

There are certain qualities that can make individuals more appealing.

A user took it to the forum, and asked “Men, what are your instant green flags in a woman?”. Here are the top responses. 


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“She’s a huge green flag if she’s able to laugh at herself.”, said one user.


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“Asking questions about me, remembering stuff I’ve talked to them about and actually caring about what I say. Nothing better than a girl who’s visibly shy but still puts in effort.”, said one user.


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“Ability to communicate her feelings instead of playing mind games.”, said one user.


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“When she is able to admit her own mistakes.”, said one user.


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“When she is kind towards other people, especially towards the waiters, servers, etc.”, said one user.


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“When she is her own person and doesn’t lose herself in a relationship.”, said one user.


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“When she likes to hold hands, snuggling, and other non-sexual intimate physical things.”, said one user.


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“When she wants me to be happy, and not use me to make her happy.”, said one user.


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“When they talk with passion for the things they love.”,said one user.


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“Laughing unreservedly. Genuine, without a care how she looks, maybe a snort for good measure. Not the same as obnoxious, projected laughing. ‘Ugly’ laughing is HOT.”, said one user.

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