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10 Dark Things Happening In The World That People Keep Ignoring

How can we mitigate the negative impacts of technological advancements and modernization?

A user took it to the forum, and asked “What are the darkest things happening in the world right now that people don’t think of?”. Here are the top responses.


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“Basically huge numbers of people that are brain dead and live with a trach (breathing tube through a hole in their throat) and a feeding tube (through a hole in their abdomen) just sit in these human warehouses and rot away because their families won’t admit that they’re dead.

Not uncommon for the very families insisting they be kept alive to never set foot inside the facility and see their “loved” one kept “alive” like someone plugged into the matrix.”, said one user.


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“Eritrea is a military dictatorship on par with North-Korea, Ethiopia and Sudan are both in open civil war right now with the central government and local militias trying to ethnically cleanse one another’s populations.”, said one user.



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“African men with AIDS sexually assaulting babies in Africa because of a myth that says it will cure them. I work with a surgeon who does the vaginal reconstruction surgeries on these girls. It’s pretty horrific”, said one user.


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“Children dying in mines and having limbs cut off over precious gems and minerals”, said one user.


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“Slavery hasn’t gone anywhere. In fact, there are probably products in all of our homes that were produced by forced labor.”, said one user.


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“The country is on the verge of collapse. Gangs have pretty much completely taken over and human suffering is extreme.”, said one user.


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“Human trafficking of slave labor to mine cobalt for our cell phones”, said one user.


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“Epstein built an empire of child trafficking, and there is no way in hell it went away when he died. Someone took his place.”, said one user.


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“The Mexican drug wars have taken a violent and sadistic turn over the last twenty or so years since the previous generation of drug lords have either been captured or killed.

This has led to the rise of new generation Cartels like the Zetas and CJNG, prompting turf wars with existing Cartels (Sinaloa and Gulf), violence against civilians, massacres, kidnappings, widespread torture, and other crimes against humanity.

The sole purpose is to control the gateways, logistics, and ultimately the lucrative drug trade in Mexico, which generates billions of dollars per annum.”, said one user.


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“There are thousands of people who are currently ending their lives because living is just not worth it anymore.”, said one user.

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