Travellers Guide to Varanasi, India


Varanasi is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India. It is called the city of lights, after all, its is not only decorated everyday with lamps and lights but with the belief and faith of millions of Hindus. You can attribute the abundant tourism to the lively, colourful, spiritual and chaotic experience you can have here – all at once! Varanasi is indeed a must visit in India, and if you want to have a quick peak into the city, read and see why I believe its is unbelievably peaceful, definitely worthy.

For the purpose of this post, I am going to list down all the places and activities which are top most tourist attraction as well as other things (like food and souvenirs) which I believe is a must try or a must buy in this city.  The places and activities listed here form the core part of Varanasi and can be visited with friends and family. +1 to this attribute!

If you find this information useful, do share it with others who are or might be planning a trip to India. Happy  and safe travels!

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