Top 3 places to visit in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

bhool bhulaiya lucknow

There are numerous places to visit in Lucknow, just know that before you begin with this post. The number “three”, does not even cover one fourth of what the city offers you in terms of “places to visit in Lucknow” but the good news is, these three are more than definitely worth a visit. Rather, if you aren’t taking out time for these, then you are missing out on a life time opportunity. So, before we proceed further, I want to share some insights on Lucknow. Lucknow is one of the largest cities of Uttar Pradesh and also, forms the capital city of the state. Oh god, so?  Yes, thats not the reason you should visit the city. That was just a random start. I am going to tell you the reason now onwards. It is historically a rich city! Actually, even if I say “extremely rich” it would still be an understatement. Trust me, the moment you will step into lucknow you will feel the history, the city has witnessed. Formerly known as Awadh, ruled by the mughal emperors for the longest time, Lucknow is jam-packed with historical monuments and history lessons. Ycukkk? Interesting history lessons, not the boring ones. […]

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How to create a WordPress blog with Bluehost?

wordpress blog

Today, I will teach you how to create a WordPress blog using Bluehost. It seems daunting at first to look at all the successful self hosted blogs and wanting to reach there. However, a step at a time can help you gain similar success with your WordPress blog. While I took up blogging majorly because it gave me a window to share what I do and experience, the major factor behind it was to spend more “home” time with my family. Now, that I see a lot of successful bloggers like,, and – I know that in a couple of years down the lane I will be able to monetise my blog. I started with’s free version ( and I still have it to let my free WordPress blog readers know that I have shifted). I blogged on it for around 2 months, had around 23 subscribers and 120-130 views per day. I had exactly this going on in my head – once I will have approx. 50 posts, I will shift to a self hosted blog. My husband, Mr Daaku convinced me to shift my free wordpress blog to a self hosted blog. He had a valid point, […]

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Travellers Guide to Varanasi, India

Varanasi is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India. It is called the city of lights, after all, its is not only decorated everyday with lamps and lights but with the belief and faith of millions of Hindus. You can attribute the abundant tourism to the lively, colourful, spiritual and chaotic experience you can have here – all at once! Varanasi is indeed a must visit in India, and if you want to have a quick peak into the city, read and see why I believe its is unbelievably peaceful, definitely worthy. For the purpose of this post, I am going to list down all the places and activities which are top most tourist attraction as well as other things (like food and souvenirs) which I believe is a must try or a must buy in this city.  The places and activities listed here form the core part of Varanasi and can be visited with friends and family. +1 to this attribute! If you find this information useful, do share it with others who are or might be planning a trip to India. Happy  and safe travels!

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“City of Contrasts” – Day 3, mind-blown!

I am so excited to write about this. I know I have delayed writing about the third day of my trip. But, here it goes. You can read about Day 1 and Day 2 here, if you haven’t. While my husband was busy with his meetings at Centara, I took a quick day tour of nearby malls and landed in fashion mall. I saw the crowd in there, and was repulsed. But, I decided to give it a try because it is very well known. Almost a must go in any review I saw online. So, who cares for the crowd?  I thought I will click a couple of pictures inside and come out but you know what, I forgot to click pictures inside and came out with a couple of shopping bags. haha. You got to visit that place once. Many have said that already and I won’t say anything different – IT IS a shopping paradise for women. Each floor is dedicated to one category – First floor, cosmetics. Second floor, clothes. Third floor, shoes. Fourth floor, bags (if i remember the floor to category combination right). From the sort of stuff you will find in movies, to everyday wear you will find […]

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Beginners guide to photography – Part 1

beginners guide to photo

I have been taking pictures for the last 8 years but haven’t taken photography as a profession. I like it to be a hobby. Started at a place where all I knew was to press the shutter button at random places without a theme, having no clue about anything else (inside or out of the camera), in these 8 years I have learnt a lot in photography and I continue to do so. I am writing a post today about the do’s and dont’s when it comes to photography at a very basic level. There are a few basic points you should consider before you click the shutter button. These will hold good for any camera you have. For better understanding of each point that is discussed later, I have given illustrations (as and when possible) along with adding pictures where I have goofed up so that it will be a learning for you. So, lets begin with basic set of 7 questions.  What do I want the viewer to see? How do I want the subject to be portrayed? Have i covered the entire subject in the frame?  Is this the right place to click? Have I held the camera […]

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A “how-to” guide to better photography

We all have struggled to click pictures the way we see them on internet these days or some bit closer to it, isn’t it? I have, and miserably failed at it. I tried and tried, bugged a lot of my friends including the ones who aspire to become photographers and I have finally become relatively better than I was. I am sharing this post for all of you out there who want to click good pictures. These are tips and advice right from my friend and an accomplished photographer – Vinayak Harshvardhan. A friend of mine who also inspired me to explore Varanasi. Inspired by his photos and description I began my search for tranquility in the elaborate of Kashi. Let’s begin with utmost basic question. 1. How do you click pictures? Do you just see something interesting and click or there is much to photography? Well, this is the easiest and at the same time, hardest question. In my opinion, photography is a process where you evolve as a person. Once you take on photography, it changes you. It nourishes you with patience, vision, perception and creativity. You fall in love with weathers, grass, clouds and everything you see through […]

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