10 ways to land freelance writing clients as a beginner

Freelance writing clients are difficult to find, especially, if you are just starting out.

I have been a freelance writer and blogger for two years and the one question I get asked a lot is – Where do you find freelance writing clients that pay well? How to get clients for content writing? 

When I started out, I had NO idea about this as well. I stalked other writers, was overwhelmed by the information available on the internet and made a zillion mistakes on the way.

But, you don’t have to go through this.

In this post, I will show you 10 legit ways I landed freelance writing clients (that paid well!) in the last two years.

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1. Start cold pitching your dream freelance writing clients

All the successful writers standby cold pitching to land high-paying freelance writing clients.

For those of you who are unaware of this, cold pitching is a strategy where you email potential freelance writing clients (this is your ideal client) and tell them how you – a freelance writer – can help grow their online presence or meet business goals.

When I started out, I was skeptical about sending emails to strangers. Also, I did not know what to write. Sounds familiar?

But, trust me, it is much easier than you think. Start by shortlisting brands or businesses you want to work it. They can be a blogger, magazine, news site, business or a startup.

For sending an effective cold email, you should

  • Personalize it and no, I am not talking about sharing your personal lives. Go to their website, look around and tell them specifically how you can help. For example, you noticed that they don’t have a blog but should.
  • Make it about them – Instead of writing about what you do (and your experience), focus on how your services can help their business.
  • Send your email to a personal ID – If you are targetting a blogger or a small business, it is best to send the email to the founder, owner or CEO. For big businesses, you can target the content head or digital marketing managers. Avoid generic email addresses like info@xyz.com or marketing@xyz.com.
  • Don’t forget to share relevant samples

2. Network with potential freelance writing clients before pitching

It may sound contradictory to the what I just said. But, you cannot wait to nurture a lead when you are starting out. You will need a mix of both the strategies – Cold Pitching and Warm Pitching.

Just as above, make a list of businesses you want to work. Add them to your social media channels, including, Twitter or LinkedIn. Engage with them.

I know you must be thinking easier said than done. In fact, it can be easily done. Keep an eye out for content they share and comment on it. If you can, add some value to it. You can also share their content, tag them and tell them how it was useful to you.

Simple enough? Your aim is to get on their radar!

3. Network with other freelance writers

A lot of writers think it is NOT important to connect with other writers. But, you cannot be farther away from reality.

I have connected with writers in my journey who willingly passed on clients to me (especially, when they were swamped with work or it wasn’t their niche). Look at this –

how to land freelance writing client

Not only that, there have been many times I have passed on clients to my freelance writer friends or shared it in my group because of the same reason. Just like this one –

How to land freelance writing clients

How cool is that?

4. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to network with potential freelance writing clients. If you are a part of the right community, you can land a freelance writing job rather quickly.

Many business owners and bloggers do not have an idea about job boards or where to find good freelance writers. They prefer posting on Facebook groups!

Try to be active, put in questions to understand the problems of your freelance writing clients and pitch in conversations.

Some good facebook groups are

Look at this.

5. Job boards for freelance writing jobs

Jobs boards are the easiest way to land a client because they are already on a lookout for a writer. Plus, you don’t have bid to get a freelance writing job (which you end up doing on platforms like Upwork).

Try to go through the free job boards once a day for over a week or two. Once you realize which ones are the most useful to your niche, stick to them and check them every few hours.

If you don’t have a niche or wondering how to select a niche, you can download my FREE guide to selecting profitable freelance writing niche, by cliking below.

high paying niche for freelance writing in india

Getting back to job boards –

While a few platforms are paid, you should stick by the free ones initially. In the second month of freelance writing, Amit and I landed a freelance writing job from a free job board. The client paid us USD 16 cents a word!

landing freelance writing clients with job boards

A few good job boards are

6. Twitter

Twitter is a great place to land a freelance writing job. Just like you have websites for job boards, you also have Twitter handles for such boards

Want to know which job boards I follow:

I just searched Twitter while writing this post and landed on this

Landing freelance writing clients

7. LinkedIn

This has always been my go-to platform for a freelance writing job. I have landed some of my best clients on this platform and everytime that happened, I quite literally looked like this

Go to the LinkedIn job and look for companies looking for a writer. From here, you can decide whether you want to go for cold pitch or warm pitch.

While you keep your cold pitching game on, let me also tell you that LinkedIn is the best platform for warm pitching. Add a bunch of relevant connections (like content heads, content manager etc). If they have an immediate requirement, they might send you a message asking you to share your details.

Even if they don’t (and most of the times they won’t), you should engage with them for some time (by commenting on their activities and sharing their posts/articles) before you decide to pitch your services to them.

8. Use your freelance writing website

The best way to attract clients is to have a professional self-hosted website. If you are a beginner freelance writer, that is the only cost you should bear.

If you have a personal blog, you can use that to offer your writing services initially and attract freelance writing clients.

However, if you want to climb up the ladder and earn a full-time income from freelance writing jobs, you NEED to invest in a self-hosted website. Check out my super simple, step by step process to set up a WordPress blog/website with Bluehost.

A lot of beginners do not understand the value of this investment. But, look around for the best writers and they will all have a self-hosted website for selling their services!

If you think you cannot do it or you don’t have the technical chops for it, trust Google. There are so many tutorials and lessons to set up a basic website after you have bought a reliable hosting.

9. Guest post

Start writing for other blogs for free. Sorry, what?

I am not talking about a random blog which has a following of 100 people but blogs that have thousands/millions of readers. This will put your writing in front of potential freelance writing client base.

I wrote a guest post on YourStory on how I earned Rs. 82000 a month by freelance writing in India and I have already received two job offers.

This has another advantage. You will have live samples to show your clients as you grow. Sometimes freelance writing clients are adamant about reading live samples and guest posts come handy.

How to know where to post?

Search for “your niche + write for us” and look at the top 10-15 results.

Landing freelance writing client and guest posting

When you are submitting a guest post, spend considerable time to write your author bio. That’s one chance you have to convince people to visit or hire you.

10.Asking friends, relatives, and previous employers

Last but not the least, you need to let your friends, relatives, and previous employers know that you are running a freelance writing business.

If they are aware of what you do, they will refer you in case they find any freelance writing jobs. It is also possible that one of them might need content for their brochure or a new website. Taking up a few freelance writing jobs like this will help you create samples and receive real testimonials for your work

Many writers shrug it off as a meh tactic, but you never know until you try.

I just showed you 10 legit ways to find high-paying freelance writing jobs.

No more of “How to get clients for content writing as a beginner”How do I land freelance writing clients who pay well. I am just a beginner” or “I don’t ever land the best freelance writing client”.

Get ready to kick some butt!

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