How to create a WordPress blog with Bluehost?

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Today, I will teach you how to create a WordPress blog using Bluehost. It seems daunting at first to look at all the successful self hosted blogs and wanting to reach there. However, a step at a time can help you gain similar success with your WordPress blog.

While I took up blogging majorly because it gave me a window to share what I do and experience, the major factor behind it was to spend more “home” time with my family. Now, that I see a lot of successful bloggers like,, and – I know that in a couple of years down the lane I will be able to monetise my blog.

I started with’s free version ( and I still have it to let my free WordPress blog readers know that I have shifted). I blogged on it for around 2 months, had around 23 subscribers and 120-130 views per day. I had exactly this going on in my head – once I will have approx. 50 posts, I will shift to a self hosted blog. My husband, Mr Daaku convinced me to shift my free wordpress blog to a self hosted blog. He had a valid point, if you wait up till you have reached a certain goal, you will have subscribers, readers and page views which may drastically reduce once you shift. Instead, start with a self hosted blog so you do not have to shift, thereby making it easier for your readers to find you. After all, in the blogging world – readers are the king.

One more thing, you might loose on your domain name. I wanted and it was already taken which is why I had to buy off before I loose that too! *phew* It was like a marathon!

You can start blogging for just a few dollars a month! So, let’s start to set up your wordpress blog for you.

Click here to start a blog, and then place this tutorial in the tab next to it. Keep referring for easy directions. I researched a lot of hosting companies including GoDaddy, Hostgator, Hosterock etc, but if you are looking to start a wordpress blog for cheap, then go for Bluehost without another thought. I am having a “no-trouble” experience with them. (There is no affiliate link or this isn’t a sponsored post, I just loved their service and the ease they provide to set up a wordpress blog)

I was lucky to avail Bluehost’s offer to set up a wordpress blog at 2.98 dollars per month, but right now, it is available at 3.49 dollars per month. The best part about hosting your wordpress blog with Bluehost  is that your domain name is totally free if you will be signing up for at least 12 months. Isn’t that awesome? You will save a lot of money by subscribing for atleast 12 months. If you aren’t sure about blogging for that long a period, signing up with Bluehost is still the right choice. Bluehostt refunds you the entire money within 30 days and on pro rata basis after that, so there is nothing much to loose.

Most professional blogs are hosted with Bluehost and that is definitely for a reason. You can run advertisements, sponsored posts, provide freelancing services, affiliate links etc freely on your wordpress blog hosted with Bluehost. If you are looking to make money from blogging, then Bluehost is your answer.

If you ask my top 5 reasons of why you should choose to host your wordpress blog with Bluehost include:

  1. User friendly: It is extremely user friendly and anyone can set up a wordpress blog with Bluehost with the help of this tutorial. I am not a techie, but I set up my WordPress blog without being confused or irritated at any step. Also, I could design my own blog with wordpress themes. I will have this covered in the next tutorial.
  2. Professional looking WordPress blog: You credit yourself with a professional looking blog and increase of chances to monetize your WordPress blog. Have I already told you before? Brands and companies consider bloggers with a WordPress blog with Bluehost more professional.
  3. Technical Support: Bluehost provides you with a free technical support. What can be better than that? They are quick in responding and resolving your issues.
  4. Free domain name: Well, I would prefer having a free domain than giving $10 extra per year.
  5. Affordable: $59.04 for a year, $125 for 3 years is highly affordable.

See, there is a reason why most successful bloggers have been loyal to Bluehost for fulfilling their hosting needs. Shoot me an email in case you face a problem!

how to start a blog

  1. Go to Bluehost:

    Click here to go to Bluehost. (Warning: there is NO affiliate link, this isn’t a sponsored post. haha, no warning just some sweet information here.)

  2. Select your plan:

    I am assuming you are just starting out to blog. So, the basic plan is all you need. It provides you with ample space, emails, sub domain and decent email storage. By the way, only (and only) Bluehost provides unmetered bandwidth in basic plans. Thats surely a kind of an incentive! wordpress blog

    The cost of your blog is inversely proportional to the number of months you are subscribing for. So, if you are subscribing for 36 months, you be charged $3.49. If you are subscribing for 24 months, it will cost you $3.95 per month and if you are subscribing for 12 months, it will cost you $4.95 per month. To sum it up, if you are subscribing for a 12 month plan it will cost you $59.40, which is a great deal.wordpress blog

    The only other service you would want to buy is “Domain Privacy Protection” (see above) which is of as meagre as $0.99 a month, which makes the total expense $71.28, which is still a great price for a year! If you are thinking the advantages of domain privacy, then be rest assured you will not be loaded with messages and e-mail for hosting and designing companies. It keeps your contact details private. Other than domain privacy service, uncheck everything else and proceed further.

    You can completely skip looking at plus and pro plans. Most likely you will  not be requiring it, and if you do sometime later, you can always make a shift.

    I want to emphasise on one point again. You should avoid subscribing for lesser than 12 months for various reasons. First off, month on month is just more expensive. Secondly, you will not have a headache of renewing it every month! Imagine a situation where you missed the notification, and end up losing your domain along with traffic *wakes up in nightmare* So, I want to reiterate it again, subscribe for a longer period to avail cheaper rates and keeping headaches away.

    I already told you before – if you are skeptical on taking up blogging, then Bluehost has taken care of that issue as well. You get refund on proportional basis so there is nothing to lose. It is full refund in he first 30 days and then you will receive refund on pro rata basis.

    So, go to Bluehost right away. Click here.

  3. Search and Register a domain name for your WordPress Blog:

    Once you have selected the plan (most likely it would be the basic package!), the second step you will take will be towards creating your wordpress blog on Bluehost is to get a domain name. Now, that you are following this tutorial, I assume you have a couple of domain names already in your head. There are three categories of domain names according to me,

    Personal brand: The best example of having a personal brand is wait-for-it my domain name. haha! Mrs_daaku is my virtual name for most of the social media platform – twitterpinterest and instagram.

    Just another name: The best example of this would be See, totally random!

    Name which has some relationship with what you write: or or When you read the domain names, you have an idea of what it can deal with – family, life and saving respectively. Isn’t that easy?

    I know this could be a toughhhh choice, but don’t worry, you can go with any of it because your content will make your brand name distinguish from others. I have a slightly complicated domain name because people tend to ask me “misses” or “mrs”, “Daaku” or “Daku” but I have not yet regretted it because my readers know its Mrs_Daaku for most communications.

    Getting back to the tutorial, Bluehost provides you with a domain name and if you do not have one already, its absolutely free for the first year of your buy (ofcourse, you need to buy or a minimum of 12 months). I think this was enough a incentive for me to decide on buying a 12 month worth Bluehost web hosting. I do not need to reiterate the other incentives attached with Bluehost but let me (sorry guys, just so excited that you are just another 15 minutes away from having your own self hosted wordpress blog), you will save a good amount of money this way – cheaper monthly price, free domain, free technical support and cash back if you decide that blogging isn’t for you.

    If you decide to avail this free hosting, search for your domain and proceed to buy your Bluehost web hosting along with your free domain. Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 3.24.20 pmEnter your personal and payment information.

    You will be asked to enter a password. Do ensure its safe and secure. Your domain name gets automatically connected to your web hosting so you do not need to worry.

  4. Install wordpress:

    Wow, you are already there! Send me candies. Let me tell you, Bluehost is a darling when it comes to starting a wordpress blog. It gives you a one click install option. Again, having a wordpress blog on Bluehost is free!

    By now, you would have received an e-mail by Bluehost with a link to your cpanel. wordpress blogNow, go to the Website row and click on “Install WordPress”. If you cannot find it, Ctrl + F and you will know where that button is! You will be taken to and receive a message like this:
    wordpress blog

    Ignore the part where Bluehost asks you to use their service to create a WordPress blog. Trust me, you can do it all by yourself. Click on “Install”. Now, select where you want to install WordPress. Select the domain from the drop down menu for which you want to set up the WordPress blog. This is to ensure that the domain is assigned and pointing your account.

    You will now see “Advanced Options”. This sections allows you to set up your username ad password for your WordPress blog. It is recommended to use something other than admin and choose something strong and secure. You will want to check “Automatically create a new database for this installation” as well, unless you have already have a different database. Now, click “Install” now. Remember your password and username, probably, save your e-mail for future reference.

Guess what? Paaaaarty time! You now have a WordPress blog. Start blogging right away. I am assuming that you love to write and share.

At any moment if you are confused, shoot an email to me right away or just tweet me @mrs_daaku. I will reply to you within a couple of hours. Happy blogging!


  1. This is a very nice and comprehensive tut for beginners to follow in creating a wordpress blog. I’m pretty sure anyone who still have no knowledge in creating one and he’ll read this will surely know a lot in following your tut 🙂

  2. I suppose this is a good time to say why the hosting company I am hosted with is better… but the truth is, Bluehost is a solid hosting company for WordPress blogs. 🙂 Good one, especially for newbies who will understand how to start a blog site.

  3. Your post gave me a clearer picture re hosting. I got my domain name already but hosting is still with WordPress. i fear getting a host because it might be hard for me to migrate my old posts and my followers might have difficulty as well. Now I would want to put some ads and I was told I should have considered getting hosting earlier. Any help or recommendation here? Thank you.

    1. Your hosting company will help you out with transfer. Atleast Bluehost and godaddy’s customer care are very active on such grounds. If you do not want to do it yourself, you can hire someone to do it for you. Let me know if this helped. I am sure if I understood the ads problem you have.

  4. Oh, I so wish I’d known about this before 🙁
    Thank You for the fact though! I’ll try BlueHost probably during my next domain renewal cycle.

  5. This is a very informative and resourceful post on how to get started on a blog.
    Very well detailed and easy to understand. I myself started my blog on wordpress and hosted on bluehost last year after reading such a similar post. But this is way more detailed in a good way 🙂

  6. It was too late when I realized that more people recommend WordPress than Blogspot/Blogger, and too late to notice that WordPress is better than Blogspot/Blogger! I was in a hunt of which blog platform is the best to use especially for a beginner. I don’t know why I chose Blogspot. By far, using my current platform is easy but sometimes I get this regret feeling of prefering it over WordPress! 🙁

  7. I will be looking into going self hosted towards the end of the year, right now I can’t afford the extra costs. This is such a helpful post to me as I started on blogger and will need to learn the ins and outs of wordpress when the time comes to switch over. I will be saving this post for reference!!

  8. That’s why I immediately shifted into wordpress from blogspot. I love the features and less hassle in moving when I buy a domain. Perfect detailed guide you have here.

  9. I still undecided if I’ll have a self hosted blog. Right now its doing good on the free platform with domain name. My blog is not yet on the business-blog type just mainly on passion-kinda-bored blog. He He He. But tutorials likes this is very helpful for aspiring bloggers out there.

  10. Got my domain name from Blue Host also. This is a very detailed post. People who not techie will love you for this! =) Keep the fire burning for your blog!

  11. I’ll right away grab your rss as I can’t in finding your email subscription link or newsletter service.
    Do you’ve any? Kindly let me realize so that I may just subscribe.

    1. Hi Frank, my email subscription is on my homepage or even on the sidebar of each post. I am looking forward to have you on my email list.

  12. As far as I know my blogs are under blue host too… I mean, i got my web hosting service from a friend who got her hosting business from BlueHost too hehe.. This is really informative and very helpful from a non’techie like me