How I got “$250 for ONE blog post” client as a new freelance writer in India?

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What I did to land a client that paid me $250 per post | Freelance Writing | Freelance Writing jobs | Freelance writing for beginner | land a freelance writing client

If you are here, you are probably struggling to start freelance writing in India (or any where else for that matter!) or wondering if freelance writing is a good option.

Tell me if any of this sounds like you

You want to be a writer but think that freelance writing in India is not lucrative

You are tired of low paying jobs that pay you INR 0.20 – 0.30 paise per word (if they pay you at all, that is!).

You have started to feel that freelance writing in India is all about low payments and bad clients

You are sick of your day job and want to do something on your own to be able to spend more time with yourself, kids or family 

You cannot see yourself going out to work because of an obligation.

You just want to start working from home because it is flexible

That said, you have NO idea where and how to start freelance writing in India and look for these “high paying clients” who are sweet to work with.

In my first month of freelance writing in India, I landed a client who paid me Rs. 15000 for a SINGLE post.

It is possible. It is NO rocket science BUT it is hard work.

Let me tell you one secret, it wouldn’t have been possible, without this blog and my professional website. That is one and the only investments you have to make when you are starting out as a newbie freelance writer.

If you have already dived into freelance writing in India (or any other country for that matter!), you NEED a website.

Think of it this way. You are working from home and have minimum human contact. How the hell would you land clients?

Websites and blogs help you create a strong online presence. Not only do they make you look super professional, it also makes you more searchable.

You still don’t have a service website? You can use my guide to kickstart your WordPress blog in under 15 minutes. 

Let’s look at a few things I did that made freelance writing in India a profitable career.


Adopted “I am not an employee” attitude [Freelance writing in India (or anywhere else for that matter!) is a business]

Confession time: Being brought up in a middle-class family to working as a legal counsel, I was molded in an “employee” mindset. I have let clients dominate conversations, negotiate on pricing and listened to them speak without giving my views.

Oh, they are in business and they are RIGHT!

Sounds familiar?

When I started out, I didn’t see “freelance writing” as “business” and that was a HUGE mistake.

Once I dumped the “employee” mindset, I was able to grow my business rather quickly!  I set up my own professional website (which did wonders for me!) processes to work, terms and conditions, and a pricing model which showed I am not just any other desperate freelance writer but a proud business owner.

As Solange said, you must first get comfortable with being uncomfortable and kicking the fear out the door.

Still, confused?

It’s a transformation from “I am working for you” to “I work with you”; “I cannot take risks” to “calculated risks is a part of the journey” and “I want to avoid failures” to “failures fuel me and teach me”

Come on –

You are adding value to the clients brand. Helping them gain authority and propel their online presence.

You are offering VALUE ADDITION.

So, get up every morning and tell yourself – I HAVE A FREELANCE WRITING BUSINESS. Promise?

how i landed a freelance writing client in india who paid me $250 a post

Picked an industry I wanted to write for

This is a never-ending debate. Niche or no-niche?

I take on work from other industries (if it interests me) but I market myself as a tech/marketing writer because that’s what I love to write about.

Your niche need not ALWAYS be what you have read in college. Take some time to jot down your experience and interest.

For example, if you are a mother of two kids, you have parenting experience. Is that something which interests you? OR you are a stay at home wife but you love reading lifestyle magazines or you are very crafty? Well, there is your niche.

It doesn’t matter WHAT you did in college unless you want to take up academic writing.

Once you jot down all your interests and experience, rank them on the basis of profitability.  For that, research online on the client base you can have in that niche.

freelance writing clients | freelance writing | freelance writing for beginners

It is not necessary to have a niche, but it has its own set of advantages in the beginning.

  • You are clear on who to target.
  • Your research time is reduced CONSIDERABLY because you don’t have to learn basics.
  • You have RELEVANT samples.

You can get my FREE GUIDE to selecting a profitable niche by clicking on the image below.

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high paying niche for freelance writing in india

Created a freelance writer website that SELLS

When was the last time you bought something without spending time (buying, researching or exploring options) online?

We (even) buy groceries online nowadays!

You HAVE to take advantage of this. Create a website and make yourself “searchable” and “buyable” at the same time.

Ensure that

  • You have a website, but don’t sell your soul over it. Get a basic website which states what you can do for your clients and what have you done (if any). Do I sense worry? You aren’t comfortable with tech stuff? This guide can help you launch your WordPress blog with Bluehost.
  • All the content on your website needs to be RELEVANT. Keep it simple and skimmable. Remember, just as the buyer persona is important for content marketing, it is important for you too.
  • Your contact details are right there. There shouldn’t be any extra effort to reach you.

Get it? I know I wouldn’t have been able to land this client without a blog or website! Start here

Created a professional portfolio for your freelance writing services in India

You cannot be a writer without samples. If your client asks you for writing sample or portfolio, you better have one (more than one actually!).

I didn’t. So I created one. I wrote a sample on a relevant topic and converted into a fancy portfolio document. 

However, for travel clients, this blog came in very handy. I could showcase my interest and convince them to hire me without having a word! That is exactly how I landed a regular column with a travel magazine. 

Yes, having a blog acts as a portfolio but again, be professional about it. Don’t send them

Get a self-hosted website and own your business like a boss ass lady! You can use my guide to get started.

Started networking like CRAZY

Networking is the foundation of freelance writing in India.

Create optimized social media accounts. Add a bunch of your ideal clients and start making conversations.

Remember, what CCD taught us  – a lot can happen over a cup of coffee. In our case, an hour on social media

And hey, don’t get onto every platform. Focus on 1-2 which are relevant and work the best for your niche. For example, if you are into fashion, Instagram can work wonders but maybe not LinkedIn.

Said NO to below LOC rates if you want to make freelance writing in India profitable

I know it is tough to hold your ground initially. If the client is negotiating, you tend to cave in

You don’t have to. If you think the payment is fair, go right ahead BUT never feel exploited. You need to know what you are worth and set standards (for example, I will not accept any work which is below INR X per word or INR XXXX per post.

I know freelance writing in India can be tough, with all the clients wanting to pay pennies for Neil Patel like posts. But, do you have to accept less? No!

Do not accept anything which falls below the LOC, line of caution. Bad clients are expensive to work with. They destroy your confidence, reduce the time to engage with potential clients, pay you peanuts and badly impact your freelance writing career in India.

I followed these mantras and guess what? In my fifth month as a freelance writer, I earned Rs. 82000. If you found this post useful, please take some time and share it with your friends. I have a pre-written tweet for you

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Are you struggling with freelance writing in India? Do you have questions about freelance writing in India? Which of these things are you guilty of and how do you plan to rectify it? Let’s talk about it in the comments section.

how i landed a freelance writing client in india who paid me $250 a post 1

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