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Thank you for your interest in working with Mrs. Daaku Studio.

So, you have chosen to work with a travel blog, mrsdaakustudio.com. It is definitely the trendiest, fun and the most personal way of promoting your product, brand or just increase tourism to your destination. The blog is solely to help travellers who are willing to travel to India or inspire travellers to visit India (in case they don't have the country in their bucket list).

My basic aim for partnering with you will be to create content that are engaging for my readers and at the same time, give your brand the promotion you are looking for. Please feel free to email me chhavi [at] mrsdaakustudio [dot] com. 

Mrs. Daaku Studio is a very new blog and was started in the month of May 2016. In a short time, we have gathered support from the people all over the world and have been featured by gorgeous_india on Instagram

Mrs. Daaku Studio - Social Media Stats.

158 Facebook followers

323 Twitter followers

525 Instagram followers

8.3k Pinterest monthly views (7000 females and 666 males)

Mrs Daaku Studio can help you with

  1. Sponsored Posts
  2. Sponsored Social Shares
  3. Reviews or products, app and service
  4. Freelance Writing (topics which are related to the basic theme of my blog)
  5. Destination review
  6. Link mentions
  7. Travel activities, stay and classes

Were you looking to offer something else?  Mrs Daaku Studio is open to opportunities if you feel we can cater to your needs and would love to take it further and discuss it with you.

Mrs Daaku Studio are looking for partnerships and work which will truly benefits the readers - families, couples and solo travellers to India. We are also looking to partner with travel companies. 

Please contact Mrs Daaku Studio at chhavi [at] mrsdaakustudio [dot] com or chhavi [dot]  hnlu [at] gmail [dot] com. 

I am looking forward to working with you.

Freelance Services

Well, the name suggests it already.  The difference is - I do not just write when you hire me, I also 

  • Suggest topics which is will get your audience engaged and interested
  • Research the topic thoroughly before I start writing your content 
  • Do not include business jargon ("oh! let me google what the means" thing isn't happening anymore with your audience) but ensure that the point is delivered in a professional manner 
  • Include screenshots, links and photos to make the content more engaging and reliable 

If you let me have my byline, I will ensure the post is promoted on my social media too.

I charge a decent amount for my content because I care about my work, I give it a lot of time and I obsess over it until I am satisfied as a reader of that content. Don't worry, I never miss my deadlines and give you the best of me! (I think that is why I have so many publications during my law school)

I can write on pretty much anything so shoot me an e-mail right away. Let's get started on building great content (and audience) together.

I’m just an email away. You find more about me on my Linkedin page

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