Write for us

Oh, yes! We accept guest posts on Mrs. Daaku Studio.

But, before anyone of us gets too excited, let's take a look at a few things 

  1. I am looking for posts related to earning more (freelance writing, other side hustles, part-time jobs, online tutoring etc), saving more and travel. You must have used the service/tool/website etc before you recommend to my readers. None of your posts or content can be promotional. 
  2. The pitch should include topics and a brief idea of what you will cover. Along with this, do send a few writing samples for me to read. 
  3. I will not look at any pitches with grammatical errors! 

If you are still interested in working together and create kickass content, send me an email with your pitch to chhavi@mrsdaakustudio.com. 

Looking forward to reading your pitch!