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Ah, so you need to get in touch with me? I am already so excited! 

If you looking to work with me or hire me, email me at or check out my hire me page. I am also available on twitter, instagram and Facebook. However, I prefer twitter and e-mail. 

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Services for Travel Planning

Guess, what? If you are planning a trip to India or thinking of planning a trip to India, I am happy to assist via e-mail. I love travelling around India and would absolutely love giving you ideas and advice. After all, I have been living in this beautiful country for over 26 years. 

If you want extensive help in planning a trip to India, I will love to help you out over a google hangout. E-mail me and book a time slot. I charge as little as $ 10 USD for a half an hour call, followed by e-mail conversations. I am a wifey and daughter in law, so it is slightly difficult for me to do trip planning for free or for longer hours.

Also, I can provide you advice in relation to bookings but I do not make them for you. I can only advice you on where to book it from and get the best deals. 

You can read more about me on my "meet Mrs_Daaku page"

Guest Blog

If you are a fellow blogger or a magazine, I would look to guest post on your website. So, please do -email me or just tweet me at mrs_daaku.

Similar, if you are looking to guest post on Mrs Daaku Studio, e-mail me your idea. I am interested in all the topics which are related to travel including fashion on travel, makeup on travel, fitness and health on travel etc and you can link your social media and personal blog. Hurray!

If you are someone who loves travelling and have already travelled to India, I would love to feature you in the upcoming interview series. E-mail me to know more about this new project. 

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