3 simple ways to create a killer freelance writing portfolio

Are you a new freelance writer who is struggling with creating an impressive writing portfolio? This is detailed guide that gives you 3 options of how to create a freelance writing portfolio that will land you high paying clients

You cannot land a high paying client without having a killer freelance writing portfolio. Simple as that! But, when I started out, I had NONE. Not even a single sample, nada! I had experience in academic writing (thanks to the law school!), but absolutely no experience in writing conversational and no-fluff online writing. I brainstormed on how to create an online portfolio quickly but without having to lose my sleep (or peace!) And, thankfully, it hit me. 3 simple ways to create a killer freelance writing portfolio that sells and convinces the clients that I am the right-er (did you catch that?!) for them. In this post, I will tell you 3 absolutely simple ways to create an online portfolio even if you have NO experience. Let’s begin with a simple question What is a freelance writing portfolio, after all? You have decided to be a freelance writer. When you approach for work, clients will almost always ask you for a sample which is relevant to them. Meaning, if you are approaching a client who is a social media management company, they would expect to see some writing on using social media for businesses. In one sentence, you need samples […]

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A “how-to” guide to better photography

We all have struggled to click pictures the way we see them on internet these days or some bit closer to it, isn’t it? I have, and miserably failed at it. I tried and tried, bugged a lot of my friends including the ones who aspire to become photographers and I have finally become relatively better than I was. I am sharing this post for all of you out there who want to click good pictures. These are tips and advice right from my friend and an accomplished photographer – Vinayak Harshvardhan. A friend of mine who also inspired me to explore Varanasi. Inspired by his photos and description I began my search for tranquility in the elaborate of Kashi. Let’s begin with utmost basic question. 1. How do you click pictures? Do you just see something interesting and click or there is much to photography? Well, this is the easiest and at the same time, hardest question. In my opinion, photography is a process where you evolve as a person. Once you take on photography, it changes you. It nourishes you with patience, vision, perception and creativity. You fall in love with weathers, grass, clouds and everything you see through […]

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