How to deal with spicy Indian food?

indian food

I was chopping green chillies to cook some extremely spicy indian food (which Mr. Daaku louvvvs!), and was totally bummed when I put my hand on the face. I sreamed out “aaaaaaaa” and ran towards the washroom to  wash my face and put some ice on it to numb the area. Finally, some sigh of relief. In north india, we must easily use 15 spices to make one dish. I tried this new recipe of egg curry today and I used some 10 spices and a lot of chillies. Result, spicy indian food. The spices look something like this, all of this goes into one dish So, as soon as I took that sigh of relief, I realised this could be a good blog post idea. It struck me that we are pretty accustomed to spices in Indian food but others aren’t. So, here I am to help you with this post on Indian food. So, lets begin A lot of Indians (not all definitely) love spicy food and their bodies are tuned to it. The ways and means to lower the reactions of spices comes almost naturally to most Indians, especially the ones with grandmas. “Dadi ke nuskhe” (grandmas prescriptions) as we say in India. You have dadi ke nuskhe for […]

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Places to visit in India: Travel Itinerary for a one month trip (Part I)

jodhpur rajasthan

A lot of people ask me about the “places to visit in India”, the “tourist places in India” and what should they include in the “travel itinerary”. Guess, what? I live in India and I do not have a straight forward answer to this question. Yes, you read it absolutely right. I do not have a concrete answer to this. So, I can totally understand the confusions faced by others. India is an extremely diverse country, and offers you a variety of destinations. It can get overwhelming to settle on an itinerary. Driven by this confusion around places to visit in India, I decided to do a series on the potential itineraries. I believe this can (most certainly!) help you plan your own itinerary. I am not going in too much detail of what to visit in a city but I will definitely link it to other blogposts and websites that can help you understand the location better. However, I will broadly cover what the city can offer. If you want detailed assistance on planning an itinerary, read about the travel planning services here. For the purpose of this post, I will be taking January as an example. Jan 1: You should land […]

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Jagdalpur: An offbeat destination in India


Jagdalpur is one of the most beautiful offbeat destination in India. It is a city located in the Bastar district of Chhattisgarh. And, Bastar is the tribal region of the state and a paradise for nature lovers, photographers and culture explorers. You will know why I say that. It offers you forests, waterfalls, wildlife, temples, handicraft and tribal dance and music. The local life of the tribals is untouched, which makes it an interesting destination to learn about (and experience) tribal India closely. I spent one of my weekends there and I loved every single moment of it. PIN IT! However, it is naxalite area so everything will not be accessible for sightseeing. You do not need to worry much, it is definitely safe to travel there. All the sites and places which are unsafe are not open to general public. Bastar is also famous for tribal art. It can be in form of a decorative piece or on a cloth. You can check out some of their work here. Apart from the handicrafts, you will see the art on random walls (no kidding). It is a beautiful piece of work and I was never tired of looking at Bastar art on the walls of civil lines, Raipur. […]

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How to book train tickets in India?

how to book train tickets in india

“How to book train tickets in India” seems like a really silly post for most Indians. aaaaaa and rolls eye! What’s so difficult in that, is the potential response (I guess!) But, I know it is not an easy procedure for anyone travelling to India from a foreign land. One of my friend (from Canada) asked me to write a blog post on how to book train tickets in India and I laughed it off at first. However, she started to ask me a lot of doubts around booking train tickets in India and all I could say was aaa hmmm ahem ooo. I realised that the procedure isn’t as siiiiiimple as I thought. So, I quickly did all the research work and decided to dedicate a “how to” post for this. I personally love a step by step guide so I am hoping you will love it too. Before we go on to understand the ways and means of booking train tickets in India, let’s talk about other stuff related to trains in this country. I. Is it safe to travel in trains? I have travelled solo a lot of times, and I have always felt safe. The people, especially families, are […]

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Top 6 places to visit in Varanasi

dashashwamedh ghat

There are over hundreds of places which can potentially find a place in your itinerary, and confusion is normal. This post will help you decide on which places to visit in Varanasi. If you want a quick guide to Varanasi, then you can pin our infographic from my previous post, here. It lists down all the places to visit in Varanasi along with various other things necessary to travel like a local in this city. Varanasi (also known as Kashi, the city of lights) is the cultural capital of India and is no doubt a city which should find a place in your travel itinerary. The city found its name from the two rivers which flow in the north and the south of the city – Varuna and Assi. But, both of them do not find a place in the tourist attractions of Varanasi. Sad, enough! Varanasi is also situated on the banks of river Ganga. Or, shall I say Holy Ganges? I told you Varanasi is also called the city of lights. Does that mean that the city is always be brightly lit? Yes, but that’s not it. The city is not only embellished with lights, lamps, diyas but also (and mainly) the […]

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Bhool Bhulaiya, Lucknow: Why you should visit this place?

bhool bhulaiya lucknow

I had to (had to!) write more about the Bhool Bhulaiya in Lucknow. I know that I sound like an overexcited kid and I actually behaved like one when I came out of this place. Long time back in the 2000s when I was google illiterate, I thought bhool bhulaiya was one open garden with walls and doors. (made up of leaves, I don’t know why I imagined something like that) Remember the sort of maze we had in video games? Something similar! I reallllllly do not know why I did not google it anytime earlier. So, when I finally googled it, I realised it is not even near to my imagination. You can see the picture below. As a kid, I heard a lot of stories about the bhool bhulaiya. Stories of how people lost their way and never came back. Stories on why and how the Government decided to close down a lot of doors. Of course, the place is full of stories – some real, some fictitous. Let me tell you some and lets have fun. The labyrinth is built inside of Bada Imambada and is indeed a very complicated structure. I wonder how the workforce did not disappear […]

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