Places to visit in India: Travel Itinerary for a one month trip (Part I)

jodhpur rajasthan

A lot of people ask me about the “places to visit in India”, the “tourist places in India” and what should they include in the “travel itinerary”. Guess, what? I live in India and I do not have a straight forward answer to this question. Yes, you read it absolutely right. I do not have a concrete answer to this. So, I can totally understand the confusions faced by others. India is an extremely diverse country, and offers you a variety of destinations. It can get overwhelming to settle on an itinerary. Driven by this confusion around places to visit in India, I decided to do a series on the potential itineraries. I believe this can (most certainly!) help you plan your own itinerary. I am not going in too much detail of what to visit in a city but I will definitely link it to other blogposts and websites that can help you understand the location better. However, I will broadly cover what the city can offer. If you want detailed assistance on planning an itinerary, read about the travel planning services here. For the purpose of this post, I will be taking January as an example. Jan 1: You should land […]

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