Beginners guide to photography – Part 1

beginners guide to photo

I have been taking pictures for the last 8 years but haven’t taken photography as a profession. I like it to be a hobby. Started at a place where all I knew was to press the shutter button at random places without a theme, having no clue about anything else (inside or out of the camera), in these 8 years I have learnt a lot in photography and I continue to do so. I am writing a post today about the do’s and dont’s when it comes to photography at a very basic level. There are a few basic points you should consider before you click the shutter button. These will hold good for any camera you have. For better understanding of each point that is discussed later, I have given illustrations (as and when possible) along with adding pictures where I have goofed up so that it will be a learning for you. So, lets begin with basic set of 7 questions.  What do I want the viewer to see? How do I want the subject to be portrayed? Have i covered the entire subject in the frame?  Is this the right place to click? Have I held the camera […]

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