Shopping in India: A guide to bargaining

budget shopping and bargaining

I hope you have read my post on shopping in India, especially in Delhi. Click here to see what we shopped at Sarojini and read about my experience here if you haven’t already.  I bargained a lot and bought a lot in INR 2500. Yay! A lot of you emailed me asking for tips and hacks to bargain in these markets. So here it is guys – I totally get it! Someone finds it tough and someone embarrassing. It is absolutely normal to have mixed feelings about aggressive bargaining! But hey, it is your hard earned money and you probably (I hope so!) want to spend it wisely. We need to learn this art by practicing it. Let’s start your lessons. Fact 1: India is country where you can find cheap and excellent deals. By cheap, I do not mean bad quality but less price. Every region of India has its own “market” and hence, shopping in India could be very exciting. Oh, guys, that reminds me of my new venture – Dusk. It is a collection of earrings from various places in India I travel to. They depict the traditions and the style of that region. Isn’t that great? You can check […]

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8 things you need to know before planning a visit to India

things to know before visiting india

You have made a plan to visit one of the most diverse country, India. Congratulations! I guarantee you a lot of fun and frolic. A lot of people I know have fallen in love with India and a lot of them don’t even have India on their bucket list. But anyway, I know you will like your trip if you remember the following things while on your trip to India. I have put together a list of things to help you plan better, travel better and confuse lesser. India has a tendency to be confusing and yet inspiring at the same time leaving the travellers slightly (understating!) overwhelmed. Before you plunge into a pool of chaotic enchantment, read and save these tips on your phone. You can pin it too! I. India is diverse  A lot of people from the United States and different parts of Europe have a common misconception that we speak only Hindi and a couple of more languages. This is absolutely wrong! We are a nation with more than 22 scheduled languages, and by that I mean our constitution recognises each of them. If we are including dialects and other local languages, we might not be able to count them easily. So, if […]

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9 things to carry while travelling to India during summer

things to carry while travelling

Ok, so you have decided or you are thinking of planning a visit to India during summer and have no idea (or little idea) of things to carry while travelling.  I must say, it definitely demands some prep before you begin your travel adventure here during that time of the year. Summer in India is characterised by unbearable heat and dry weather with hot winds, popularly known as loo.  While summers in western countries is time to be outdoors sunbathing, it is time to shut door and lock yourself up in India. You do not get sun tanned, you get sun burnt! Hence, things to carry while travelling becomes important topic! Now, that summer has dawned upon us – I thought it is the best time to write about this. It can get really sunny and hot if you are travelling to some parts of India. The temperatures of places sore upto even 40 degree celsius (like, Delhi and Rajasthan). While it is something no-one likes, it is something everybody has to bear. So, you need to be vary of things you should carry with you. I shifted to Delhi a few month back, almost the onset of summer. So, I had to devise my own tricks […]

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Indian street food: How to eat it safely?

indian street food

Indian street food or chaat (the local name) or Indian fast food (that’s what I love to call it!) is a must try for any foodie. As a kid (well, I still do it) I used to ask my parents to take me out for some chaat or Indian street food every weekend. While a majority of kids would love to have pizzas and burgers today, Indian street food or chaat is still the favourite answer to “I feel like eating something good today” or “I want to eat something different today” or “I want something spicy” or even “lets go out and eat today”, for a lot of kids and adults (including me). It is so darn popular that you will almost never see a chaat stall (a good one, not all) without a bunch of people around it. On weekends, you won’t find your food in your plate unless you have waited it out for at least 15-20 minutes. I swear, no kidding! If you are not aware of Indian street food or the famous chaats in India, take a note that it generally spicier than the food served in the restaurants here. If you are skeptical on dealing with […]

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How to deal with spicy Indian food?

indian food

I was chopping green chillies to cook some extremely spicy indian food (which Mr. Daaku louvvvs!), and was totally bummed when I put my hand on the face. I sreamed out “aaaaaaaa” and ran towards the washroom to  wash my face and put some ice on it to numb the area. Finally, some sigh of relief. In north india, we must easily use 15 spices to make one dish. I tried this new recipe of egg curry today and I used some 10 spices and a lot of chillies. Result, spicy indian food. The spices look something like this, all of this goes into one dish So, as soon as I took that sigh of relief, I realised this could be a good blog post idea. It struck me that we are pretty accustomed to spices in Indian food but others aren’t. So, here I am to help you with this post on Indian food. So, lets begin A lot of Indians (not all definitely) love spicy food and their bodies are tuned to it. The ways and means to lower the reactions of spices comes almost naturally to most Indians, especially the ones with grandmas. “Dadi ke nuskhe” (grandmas prescriptions) as we say in India. You have dadi ke nuskhe for […]

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How to book train tickets in India?

how to book train tickets in india

“How to book train tickets in India” seems like a really silly post for most Indians. aaaaaa and rolls eye! What’s so difficult in that, is the potential response (I guess!) But, I know it is not an easy procedure for anyone travelling to India from a foreign land. One of my friend (from Canada) asked me to write a blog post on how to book train tickets in India and I laughed it off at first. However, she started to ask me a lot of doubts around booking train tickets in India and all I could say was aaa hmmm ahem ooo. I realised that the procedure isn’t as siiiiiimple as I thought. So, I quickly did all the research work and decided to dedicate a “how to” post for this. I personally love a step by step guide so I am hoping you will love it too. Before we go on to understand the ways and means of booking train tickets in India, let’s talk about other stuff related to trains in this country. I. Is it safe to travel in trains? I have travelled solo a lot of times, and I have always felt safe. The people, especially families, are […]

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