Shopping in India: A guide to bargaining

budget shopping and bargaining

I hope you have read my post on shopping in India, especially in Delhi. Click here to see what we shopped at Sarojini and read about my experience here if you haven’t already.  I bargained a lot and bought a lot in INR 2500. Yay! A lot of you emailed me asking for tips and hacks to bargain in these markets. So here it is guys – I totally get it! Someone finds it tough and someone embarrassing. It is absolutely normal to have mixed feelings about aggressive bargaining! But hey, it is your hard earned money and you probably (I hope so!) want to spend it wisely. We need to learn this art by practicing it. Let’s start your lessons. Fact 1: India is country where you can find cheap and excellent deals. By cheap, I do not mean bad quality but less price. Every region of India has its own “market” and hence, shopping in India could be very exciting. Oh, guys, that reminds me of my new venture – Dusk. It is a collection of earrings from various places in India I travel to. They depict the traditions and the style of that region. Isn’t that great? You can check […]

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Shopping in Delhi: Sarojini Market

sarojini market

If Mumbai is the fashion capital of India, then Delhi definitely has to be shoppers delight. A paradise on earth, Delhi offers you a range of markets according to your needs. We know it is not always plausible to visit Mango, Zara and Vero Moda for fashion needs and hence, *drumroll please* Sarojini market comes to your rescue. It a fashion paradise for girls and hence you will see thousands of women flocking there each day. Travel Tips: 1. If you are going by road, be prepared to face traffic and parking problems  2. If you are travelling by metro, get down at INA station on the yellow line   3. If you are sharing the auto, don’t pay more than Rs 10 for each and if you are hiring an entire auto, do not pay more than Rs. 50 Sarojini market is a circular with two main lanes and every other lane connecting the two. Its like a circular waffle, may be!? If you viewed it from the top, it would probably looked like tic tac toe. Now, you got to remember where you started or you will keep coming back to it without realising. You can remember the gate […]

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