Tale of Neglect

Have you ever wondered how things around us, we do not pay attention to, could mean a lot to others? We go shopping, plunge a lot of money on lavish designer wear and spend a lot on appreciating the work on the cloth (for example, embroidery etc.). We do this without pondering over the work that went behind its creation or the source of inspiration for the designer. Such variety of crafts commonly emanate from spiritual, religious, and customary communities. Take any art/craft form and be rest assured it will be a creation or outcome of sublime aspirations which can be linked with intellect and culture. This forms “merely” one of the facets of the global apprehension concerning traditional cultural expressions and forming a partnership between artisans and designers. One of the other aspect of the debate on traditional cultural expressions is the transformation and swing from traditional handicrafts to industrial handicrafts (basically, the monster of capitalism!) leaving the community with no incentive of sustaining their rich culture. Like every coin has two sides, appreciating a craft requires you to comprehend the spirit behind the art/craft together with understanding the techno-economic side of it. Spirit refers to the importance craft/art/pattern holds for the […]

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