Unmistakably peaceful, definitely worthy – My experience with Varanasi

Me: Ya, married life is going great. I moved to Varanasi, btw.   Vinayak: Its a peaceful place. I head to Kashi (Don’t get confused, it just another name for Varanasi!) when I need to resort turmoil inside me   Me: really? Thats not surprising, everyone (including my hubby) have told me this, but I haven’t gotten to feel this and get so attached to this place   Vinayak: Roam around the ghats, get lost, you will feel attached to everything. Sit with weird people.. Kashi has stories to tell   Me: I would love to experience this profound impact which the city can leave you with.   Vinayak: Its hard to start, its easy once you start and once you start, you will listen to the city breathe. Every place does has a story to tell, something they leave within you. When you travel to a city you give your time, a part of your life time. Time, you will never get back and city gives you time in its timeline! You can not not get attached.. Its old, treat it like old people, be nice to it.   So, I began today, my expedition in search of this overpowering peace. I went on a […]

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5 summer make up tips for beginners  

I was a beginner once, I did not know how to hold the lipstick correctly but there was one thing I knew perfectly well – I loved make-up, I loved cosmetics. I have worked my way up and today I am the go-to person in my family and amongst friends (even neighbours!) to ask for make up advice. I have tried a lot of make up over couple of years and here I am writing about it today. I want to tell you guys so many things which I wish I knew from day 1. It would have been so much easier to do all the make up and not damage my skin! I learnt the hard way, but I do not want you to make any of those mistakes. So, lets begin! For any makeup the outmost important aspect is your skin. Sounds obvious, right? I know. However, it is very important for you to understand that a healthy and clean skin is the best canvas for your makeup. So do take care your of your skin by eating healthy and drinking lots and lots of fluids. Wash your face twice a day and exfoliate twice a week (or […]

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“City of Contrasts” – Day 2 and unexpected “first” of its kind

I had written about my first day at Bangkok and the experience on the roads of Siam along with a few photos. So, let me tell you what happened next Both of us woke up the next morning, went for a lavish breakfast cooked by the most amazing chefs at Centara Grand. The buffet had over 50 varieties of dishes you could eat depending upon your choice and it all tastes so damn yummy! Mr. Daaku dresses up, goes to work, attend meetings, meet people and get back by late afternoon. We still haven’t gotten our luggage, btw. So, we dress up in the pair of clothes we bought from the super night market and get going to explore more. On the way out we stopped at the concierge to ask for baggage updates, disappointed with the answer, we started to talk towards the elevator. While I had read a lot about Patpong market and we were on the way to go there, the concierge guy also advised us to visit the place for a rich shopping experience. Let me tell you, Bangkok has several means of transportation and the cheapest and reliable ones are the metros & the buses. While we did […]

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Things to do in Bangkok – Part I

things to do in bangkok

Bangkok wasn’t really ever on my wish-list so I did not know what things to do in Bangkok. But, my husband had an official trip to Bangkok for a few days so I decided to go along. I started to quickly google places to see, things to do in Bangkok and made a detailed itinerary for the trip. I am happy to have returned from that city, mesmerised by all the city had to offer. While I could have covered my trip to Bangkok in one post, I really felt I would be doing injustice to the city. After all, it has something to offer for everyone. It is a destination you can visit with your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, kids, family and yet you will never feel that the city lacks places to cater to your need. If you are the kind of a person who likes visiting all sorts of places  (like I am), you must add Bangkok to your travel list! So, I am going to write a series which will detail all the things to do in Bangkok along with my personal experiences. So, lets begin. I. Flights to Bangkok, Thailand from Varanasi, India We took a […]

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Scuba Diving experience in Pattaya: Sand, Fish & Coral

scuba diving

Scuba Diving is one of the adventures which has found a place in mine and Mr. Daaku’s bucket list. So, during my trip to Thailand recently, we planned out to dedicate an entire day to scuba diving. After all, it was one activity I was desperately looking forward to. It was going to be my first dive ever, almost 20 feet into water. There were several thoughts whirling around in my mind – for all of you who do not know me, I don’t know how to swim and the thought of going 10-20 feet inside water gave me shivers. After spending a week in Bangkok, we headed off to Pattaya (read here about my unexpected encounter with pop-pop show and the experience on the roads of Siam). We researched a lot of places to stay in Pattaya but we weren’t very happy with the choices. It was either very far away from the places we wanted to visit or it was very expensive. Both Mr. Daaku and I are not very keen on luxury for our stay because most of the times we are exploring the city, far away from the vicinity of the room. We preferred a place close to the beach and while […]

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