7 simple ways to increase productivity as a freelancer

To increase productivity as a freelancer is no easy task. But, this detailed guide, will take you through 6 guaranteed and simple ways to increase productivity at work. Click here to read and start being productive from today. Work from home | Freelancer | Increase productivity as a freelnacer.

When I started out, I often wondered how to increase productivity as a freelancer. I read about freelance writers who could easily finish the crazy amount of work in a few hours (like, writing a 1000 word post in one hour and in one sitting or bloggers scheduling all their social media posts in one hour at max.) And, there I was. Struggling to meet the deadlines and at the same time, focusing on getting new clients and marketing my writing business. Trying to balance between my personal and professional life. I was working whenever I got time, 2 AM or 2 PM! Sometimes, I worked in the car while we were on the way to a friends place. Not kidding, seriously! A lot of things, like, cooking a detailed meal and spending quality time with family went for a toss. What I did not understand for a long time was, This was not the way to increase productivity as a freelancer. In fact, instead of seeing an increase in productivity as a freelancer, my productivity started declining. I was tired, irritated and out of focus most of the times. Wondering, what happened? I overworked. I got it all wrong! […]

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3 simple ways to create a killer freelance writing portfolio

Are you a new freelance writer who is struggling with creating an impressive writing portfolio? This is detailed guide that gives you 3 options of how to create a freelance writing portfolio that will land you high paying clients

You cannot land a high paying client without having a killer freelance writing portfolio. Simple as that! But, when I started out, I had NONE. Not even a single sample, nada! I had experience in academic writing (thanks to the law school!), but absolutely no experience in writing conversational and no-fluff online writing. I brainstormed on how to create an online portfolio quickly but without having to lose my sleep (or peace!) And, thankfully, it hit me. 3 simple ways to create a killer freelance writing portfolio that sells and convinces the clients that I am the right-er (did you catch that?!) for them. In this post, I will tell you 3 absolutely simple ways to create an online portfolio even if you have NO experience. Let’s begin with a simple question What is a freelance writing portfolio, after all? You have decided to be a freelance writer. When you approach for work, clients will almost always ask you for a sample which is relevant to them. Meaning, if you are approaching a client who is a social media management company, they would expect to see some writing on using social media for businesses. In one sentence, you need samples […]

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How to write a pitch that converts into a high-paying freelance writing job?

Struggling to write a killer email pitch that REALLY converts? This email is a 1500+ step by step tutorial that takes you through each part of the email. How to write a pitch email | How to write a killer cold email | email pitch to brands

This post contains affiliate links. Meaning, if you click on it and buy the product/service, I will get a commission. You are not charged anything for this. So, thank you. When I started out as a freelance writer, I had no clue about how to write a pitch. I started reading up a lot of blogs and articles online to understand how those successful writers like, Elna Cain (love her work, you should check it out too), wrote her pitches. Thankfully, she has some super useful posts on how to write a pitch which gave a starting point. By the way, she also has an amazing course that can help you up your game pretty quickly (I mean it, pretty quickly if you follow all her strategies!). You can check it out here.  Getting back to the topic – From then onwards, there was no stopping. I kept improving on my freelance writing pitches and it yielded great results. One of the first freelance writing pitches I wrote got me a job at 10 cents a word. I was on cloud nine. Oh damn, this works! via GIPHY But, all of this works, if you know how to write a […]

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19 work from home jobs for stay at home moms

If you are looking for a work from home job or work from home opportunity, this post is full of options. From freelance writing to photography and party organizer, this post contains exhaustive list of work from home options for stay at home moms. By the end, you will definitely have a direction. Click here to read it

There are numerous work from home jobs for moms. But, are they aware of their options? Not really! I always knew I wanted to have a work from home job, so I did not have to mentally prepare myself to delve into this. That was the easy part. What wasn’t easy was to decide from the various available work from home jobs. I knew I liked to write and help others through the medium of content, and *boom* I decide on two things – freelance writing and launching a blog which shares information about different ways to work from home (especially, work from home jobs for moms). Cutting the story short, in my journey, I have come across many women who have restarted their career after long breaks from the workforce Was it easy? Definitely, not. But, was it impossible? Definitely, not. With perseverance, hard work and a focused mind, you can earn a full-time living from work from home jobs. Can you relate to any of this – I had to take a break from working and need to restart my career I cannot have a 9-5 job because I have several obligations, like a baby I want to […]

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6 FREE tools for freelance writers

online tools for freelance writers

In this post, I will share 6 tools for freelance writers that I use, trust and recommend strongly. Look, Every freelance writer has a set of tools that help them in writing and growing their freelance writing income. And, you and I are no different. We need freelance writing tools to increase our efficiency and accuracy. I am assuming you have either decided to launch your freelance writing business or looking to improve your work with several tools available online. Either way, congrats and welcome to the freelance writing world. And, I am right here to help you select the best tools (of course, I am not talking about needing a laptop). Let’s look at 6 tools for freelance writers that will help you land clients and grow your freelance writing income quickly. A website or a blog I have told you this before and cannot emphasize more on having a self-hosted website or a blog. In fact, I talked about how having a website landed me a $250 for one post gig in my first month as a freelance writer. If you are looking to earn a full-time income as a freelance writer, it is darn important to have […]

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3 freelance writing job boards to land your first gig quickly

freelance writing job boards

Your first instinct as a newbie freelance writer should be to look for freelance writing jobs on freelance writing job boards. Pay attention: I am not referring to general job boards (like Indeed) but specific job boards that cover freelance writing work. But, there are so many available online that an analysis paralysis is inevitable. I get you. I was exactly at the same place a year back. No experience. No training. No knowledge. *puzzled* I soaked in a lot of information from the internet, made a million mistakes and figured out all the important things quickly. While I have a free 7-day email course on growing your freelance writing income for you, let us just focus on how to land a freelance writing job quickly. One step at a time, my ideology! In one of the previous posts, I dealt with 10 legit ways to land clients. However, I am not going to dump a truckload of information in this post and stick to one way of landing freelance writing jobs. It is easier to stick to one method, take the necessary actions and grow your freelance writing income. So, what is the easiest and the obvious method of landing […]

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