8 things you need to know before planning a visit to India

things to know before visiting india

You have made a plan to visit one of the most diverse country, India. Congratulations! I guarantee you a lot of fun and frolic. A lot of people I know have fallen in love with India and a lot of them don’t even have India on their bucket list. But anyway, I know you will like your trip if you remember the following things while on your trip to India. I have put together a list of things to help you plan better, travel better and confuse lesser. India has a tendency to be confusing and yet inspiring at the same time leaving the travellers slightly (understating!) overwhelmed. Before you plunge into a pool of chaotic enchantment, read and save these tips on your phone. You can pin it too! I. India is diverse  A lot of people from the United States and different parts of Europe have a common misconception that we speak only Hindi and a couple of more languages. This is absolutely wrong! We are a nation with more than 22 scheduled languages, and by that I mean our constitution recognises each of them. If we are including dialects and other local languages, we might not be able to count them easily. So, if […]

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9 things to carry while travelling to India during summer

things to carry while travelling

Ok, so you have decided or you are thinking of planning a visit to India during summer and have no idea (or little idea) of things to carry while travelling.  I must say, it definitely demands some prep before you begin your travel adventure here during that time of the year. Summer in India is characterised by unbearable heat and dry weather with hot winds, popularly known as loo.  While summers in western countries is time to be outdoors sunbathing, it is time to shut door and lock yourself up in India. You do not get sun tanned, you get sun burnt! Hence, things to carry while travelling becomes important topic! Now, that summer has dawned upon us – I thought it is the best time to write about this. It can get really sunny and hot if you are travelling to some parts of India. The temperatures of places sore upto even 40 degree celsius (like, Delhi and Rajasthan). While it is something no-one likes, it is something everybody has to bear. So, you need to be vary of things you should carry with you. I shifted to Delhi a few month back, almost the onset of summer. So, I had to devise my own tricks […]

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Go Fast, Go Furious: GoKart at Smaaash Sky Karting, Gurgaon

SMAAASH sky karting

I recently watched the new release of fast and furious and fell in love with Vin Diesel again! Zooming away in the cars, smashing the obstacles in your goals and racing amongst your peeps is totally a movie-like thing. But, what if  you can experience this yourself? No, I am not crazy or living it a fantasy world. Don’t give me “you are crazy girl” looks, I am talking real. Whether you are a fast and furious fan or formula 1 fanatic or just a car lover – you will definitely like the place I am going to talk about. Before that, you need a “drumroll”. Yes, I gave it away in the title. It is Smaash Sky Karting.   I. Something about Gokart and the gears Smash is a world-class facility built by Protex Karting, a German company. The karts are electric as compared to the normal ones which are based off engines. Hence, smaaash cars provide you with superior accelerating experience. The spring barriers around the entire track is one of the best technologies for the safety they provide to you. You are definitely in safe hands! Although Vin says that it doesn’t matter what car it is, it is about who is […]

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Murudeshwar, Karnataka – An offbeat trip for culture lovers

murudeshwar karnataka

The place Murudeshwar does not ring a bell in your head instantaneously. You probably are still thinking which state is this place in and if you are not, you are definitely a staunch Hindu or a Shiva devotee. But that isn’t the end, it is also known for offering a wide variety of travel experience. It has hills, beaches, corals, temples, fort, trekking, waterfall and phew – literally everything! Isn’t that surprising? I. Getting there  Murudeshwar is a holy place in north Karnataka district of south India. Majestic and magical are two words which defines it perfectly and you will soon know why. It is nearest to Managlore-Murudeshwar Konkan railway route and is closest to Mangalore airport. You can also take a bus and reach Murudeshwar as well or drive yourself. It is a well-connected place. After all, it hosts the second largest Shiva statute in the world (first being Nepal) and in a country with maximum Hindu population. It has to be easily accessible! The peak season is November to February, so plan a 1-2 day trip around that.  II. Who made it? Initially just a small temple on a rock besides a sea-shore and later constructed by R.N Shetty, a renowned business man in India, […]

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Shopping in Delhi: Sarojini Market

sarojini market

If Mumbai is the fashion capital of India, then Delhi definitely has to be shoppers delight. A paradise on earth, Delhi offers you a range of markets according to your needs. We know it is not always plausible to visit Mango, Zara and Vero Moda for fashion needs and hence, *drumroll please* Sarojini market comes to your rescue. It a fashion paradise for girls and hence you will see thousands of women flocking there each day. Travel Tips: 1. If you are going by road, be prepared to face traffic and parking problems  2. If you are travelling by metro, get down at INA station on the yellow line   3. If you are sharing the auto, don’t pay more than Rs 10 for each and if you are hiring an entire auto, do not pay more than Rs. 50 Sarojini market is a circular with two main lanes and every other lane connecting the two. Its like a circular waffle, may be!? If you viewed it from the top, it would probably looked like tic tac toe. Now, you got to remember where you started or you will keep coming back to it without realising. You can remember the gate […]

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Food Guide: where to eat in Gwalior?

what to eat in gwalior

You haven’t figured anything of the city if you haven’t figured where to eat the local cuisine. Isn’t it? Gwalior offers a range of cuisine which is a reflection of its glorious past. While the vada pav, poha and dabeli carts showcase the Maratha influence over the city; gathering of localities in the morning to feast on Bedai, kachori and laddus smells of its geography. But, this isn’t it. Dining out in Gwalior would be completely different experience as it offers you kebabs and Korma giving you a whiff of the rich and royal Mughal period. Isn’t this enough for packing your bags to Gwalior and experience the richest and finest eating experiences in the country? If you haven’t read my previous posts on Gwalior on what to do and where to stay, you can read them here and here. Today, I am making an effort to ease your planning by listing out places to try for gastronomic delights not only basing on my personal pursuits but also of other known bloggers. So, lets start. 1. Street food at Naya Bazaar There is no better way to explore a city except being on foot. Walking around experiencing the bustle of the city, the […]

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